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    Advice on new wear ring

    Wife was out riding this weekend and got into some swallow water when she heard something not right. She shit it off right away and i went over. I rocked the seadoo back on forth and some big rock came out but still wouldn't do anything. We towed back in and that when I saw some big rocks wedged in my impeller. I couldn't pry them out so I ended up taking the jet pump off (IBR's a bitch to get off). I got the rocks out and inspected the wear ring. Its got some gouges in it but I'm wondering if it needs replaced. Pictures attached.
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    Yes need to replace. Impeller to wear ring clearance out of spec now. Best just to replace and fix impeller blades.

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    I did the same thing a few weeks ago. had to limp it home 5-6 miles at 5mph. The rock was wedged into the prop away from the ring and with a long tool and some WD up through the grate it popped right out. It's still sitting in the console of my truck as a reminder. I think I got lucky, but I have to her back to the dealer next week, because it's been down on speed since day one. Hope it don't come back to bite me in the ass.

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    Oh yeah, I’ve done that looong slooow ride home too.

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    Looks like you can just dress up the edges of the impeller like Self27 said. Please don't do something stupid like when I asked my daughter to start her TRIXX up so the IBR would move out of the way and I could see inside the pump. I got a nice refreshing piece of granite, right off the forehead. In hindsight, not too bright.

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    Another question, while we're on the subject; stainless wear ring WITH matching impeller or just stock plastic????

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    First, there is no performance benefits using a stainless steel wear ring over a plastic...

    The best/economical set up is: stainless-steel impeller and plastic wear ring! Because if/when your unlucky and get some debris passing or stuck. The stainless impeller have a higher chance of surviving, and hopefully you only need to replace the plastic wear ring!

    Vs running all stainless steel with same scenarios, you might need to replace both of them (Or expensive repairs on both) every time it happens..

    The problem with an all stainless-steel setup is that both components are of the same hardness and will wear and tear alike! I think that there is a
    common misunderstanding right here! you only want one part to be wearing and not both of them, that is why it is called a wear ring!!

    Now you might be thinking okay, so I run stainless steel ring and steel/aluminum impeller, well.. the softest material will wear down first so if the impeller is softer then the wear ring the impeller is the main wearing part!

    And now you’re thinking why all the racers using an all stainless-steel setup! I guess because they can afford changing it out! The question you should be asking your self is can you?

    /Best Regards
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    There are pros and cons with both, but thinking that a plastic ring would save your impeller is mostly wishful thinking, just look at the pics in this thread.

    SeaDoo makes a ton of money selling plastic rings that break when even small things passes through. SeaDoo is the only brand using plastic, both Yamaha and Kawasaki use stainless rings as stock.

    Read this thread for some good info, for example post #35:

    I'm using stainless, and after well over 100h both impeller and ring looks just fine.

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    Thanks for the advice. I figured I needed a new wear ring. Now onto the great debate of SS vs Rubber. I've read the linked thread. I only ride in lakes. Not sure what to go with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacecowby573 View Post
    Thanks for the advice. I figured I needed a new wear ring. Now onto the great debate of SS vs Rubber. I've read the linked thread. I only ride in lakes. Not sure what to go with.
    There's nothing wrong with plastic per se, it's what's there from the factory and it will work fine and it's cheaper, you will need to replace it again at some point though.
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