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    I already sent it out to him before I saw this. What should I be worried about? I might be able to have UPS return it. I just don't want to spend another $500-$600 for someone else to fix when $475 was just spent with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiPeRcO View Post
    In other words, he did his usual caliber of workmanship
    How much would you charge to check it over and refurbish it...if needed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by molemansd View Post
    How much would you charge to check it over and refurbish it...if needed?
    Unfortunately the effort to repair EMMs after he has hacked and whacked upon them is even greater than ones that have not been repaired. So your best bet at this point is to make him stand behind his "work".

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    Hi any hale would be great please Iíve got a Kawasaki stx 1100 di and itís keeps firing then cutting out, I checked my current coming from the stator connection and the values is as follows
    i measured the 5 pairs while cranking so am I needing a new stator and emm possibly ? Any help much appreciated and Iím just about to take my emm out and send to lakeside tech as Iím based in the uk thereís no one here that will touch my ski 🙈

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    Update below. Additional help needed. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Backfiring with a Ficht engine almost always means the EMM needs repair.

    Do not continue to attempt to start the engine. Another backfire could rip the plastic resonators apart.
    Okay. So I sent the EMM back to be looked at again. He said that he found one solder joint that needed to be redone. I got the EMM back, put it in the ski and it fired right up! I took it ou and it ran for about 15 mins and then died. I started it back up without an issue. I drove it some more and it died again. This time it took a couple minutes of waiting to get it started again. The third time it died it wouldn't start back up. I had someone tow us in. Loaded it up and took it home. At home it started up after a couple seconds of holding the start button. There was some popping and sparks at the black battery post. I the connection on the post was loose so I tightened it a bit. It was a bit wet and had water in the hull. I thought that might have been the problem. I took it out again and it died after about 5 minutes.

    Towed in again and took it home. I noticed that the hose connector coming off the engine to flush it out hadn't been capped off. Thinking that might have been the problem and had water sprayed around leaking out of that once in the water. I capped it off and tried to take it out again. I tried starting it and the check engine light came on then it died. I tried again and it started, check engine light came on but went off. It ran very rough for a few minutes but wouldn't accelerate past 7-8 mph. Then it died. I noticed one wire to the fuel pump connector had come out of the housing. I'm not sure why. I took the connector out and resoldered the wire to it and tested. The fuel pump didn't come on but power to the dash. I checked the fuel pump wiring with a multi meter and no power. I spoke to the guy who did the EMM repair and he said to send it back to be checked again. I just spoke with him and he said the EMM fired up his test ski and he thought it might be that the stator went out.

    Anyone have any ideas? Should I order a new stator? I'm curious if there was a short because of water getting in the engine compartment. I am also wondering why the wire came out of the connector housing. It's almost like it got too hot and separated. Not sure of what my next steps should be. The ski only has about 134 hours on it.

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    OK, the battery cable was loose, the flush port wasn't capped, and a wire came out of the fuel pump connector.

    Sounds to me like you need to slow down and go over every little part before you start spending more money on it.

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    Agree with Steve.. As excited as you may be to get out on the water to try and test you need to go over everything in the ski and make sure it is correct before going out. Negligence is only going to cause more damage and cost you more money.

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    loose battery connection can easily damage an emm.

    take the above advice

    you'll find info in the signature links of a few of us that points to polaris help pages, that provides troubleshooting information for the fuel injection system, same as the kawasaki

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    Thanks. Going to the link to review.

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