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    FZ Fuel gauge issue/ question

    Fuel gauge has been working fine, at least I think. Normaly fill it and run it down to 3/4 or 1/2 and then rides done and refill it.

    fast forward last week, drained tank, removed fuel sending unit, installed block off, and Riva RRFPR. put back in 9 ish gallons of fuel.

    Went for a ride yesterday to dial in my AFR/ fuel pressure. Gauge showed 3/4 bars figured it was enough.

    Rode fine adjusted fuel, at the end of the day I was on 1 bar. Not the 1 bar flashing.

    tried to make a WOT pull and runs hard and then mid pull would stall out/ lose power. I would freak and lift off throttle and everything back to normal... full power.

    anyway get on trailer and home, and sure enough fuel is at the very bottom of tank can barley see 1/2 inch in the bottom V of tank. so I guess G forces pulling the last bit to the back of the tank after the first hit and its startving… easy fix run with more fuel.

    BUT why was the buzzer not going off and it be flashing the one bar of fuel with the alarm? is there a recalibration procedure? or what?

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    Pulled filler hose, and arm looks fine goes strait down following the side of the plastic sending unit housing, and has the 90 out for the float. Almost no gas left. The ring around the sending unit in bottom of tank is sticking out of the gas level and arm float all the way down?....

    using a coat hanger I can grab the arm, and make it show full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1 bar. but I cant not make it show 1 bar flashing & buzzer.

    Interesting, the ski must not have a live feed for fuel, as its does not go up and down as you play with the arm. I have to wait until the gauges turn off, and then cycle it again to see the new level where I was moving the arm.

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