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    Video: Angry Bull Shark Bites Sea-Doo Off Florida Gulf Coast

    Today we bring you a story about three Sea-Doo’s and a shark. We came across a video of a few guys riding Sea-Doo’s in Florida, and just for fun; a shark showed up to mingle. Sharks generally don’t bother humans, they just don’t. This one was swimming in its natural habitat, probably a little curious as to what the commotion at the surface was about.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    I watched the video, A couple of idiots that piss off a shark. What were they thinking, couldn't just ride away and leave it alone. If you watched SHARK WEEK you will know that young adolescent sharks are stupid. They have not been trained to hunt and they will hit anything. A women way up in Maine was killed by a (suspected) Great White two weeks ago. Beaches on Cape Cod are being closed every day due to shark sightings. We won't even travel out to the ocean this time of year. Last year they had whales breaching in 30 feet of water off Plum Island. That's all I need is to see a 20' shark or a 40' whale swim under me while tooling around off the coast. I would literally shit my rash guards, head for the beach and walk home!!

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