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    2008 SHO vs 2014 SVHO FZS

    Looking at upgrading my SHO to an SVHO FZS. I recently had a ride on an FZR and much prefer the more nimble feel of it, are the SVHO engines much quicker than the older 1.8's, and especially in an FZS compared to an SHO?


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    SVHO has 20% more power than an SHO in stock form, higher boost supercharger, intercooler, forged pistons and a few other differences (bigger pump IIRC) just check the 2014 as they had timing chain issues the FZ hull is some say the best hull Yamaha have built and the SVHO motor (apart from the timing chain issues) is very reliable and tunable top end isnt huge ~66 FX SHO ~70 on the FZ SVHO (possibly electronically limited) but the FZ will get there faster and stay there (if you can hold on)

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    thanks, yeah this one has had a 2016 motor installed due to failed timing chain, I presume they're stronger than the '14? i'm not really interested in top speed as I only use the ski on the ocean in the uk which is NEVER flat. Just want something that will keep up with my brothers modded '09 FZR and an SVHO seems a good starting point without having to spend a fortune on mods.

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    I've seen that ski for sale..... a tune will get a bit more from the motor if you find it lacking the EU models didnt have speed restrictions the US models had IIRC

    Depends how modded the 09 is........but the SVHO is definitely the best starting point and yes the 16 motor should have the wider timing stronger timing chain

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    it's just had a C3 wheel, skat trak impeller and riva intercooler - that's it. out the hole his fzr minces my current SHO, hoping an SVHO would give him a run for his money (with a map)

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