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    If you just like the colour then you may like the 2021 fx cruiser ho which is blue and white.
    Its probably 50/50 whether the chain or clutch will fail on 2015 svho especially if you plan on keeping it as long as you had your last one which by the sounds of it you sold to get into the newer technology so it would make sense to step into the latest ski with the same power that you are used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeeterzx225 View Post
    I appreciate the post, this is something I've thought about quite a bit, not very many people post about how well their supercharged pwc is running (probably because they are out enjoying it on the water) It's the guys who have an issue (from their fault or not) that are sitting on their couch with their PWC at the dealer that post the hate threads. Of course there will always be a few lemons from the factory, but how many of the failed supercharged machines are due to owner negligence they won't admit? Is there any type of stat tracking we can point to that shows how many failures there are and likely cause?

    If you see the post above after 5 clutches, what did he do to warrant that?? I am easy on the ski, the kids, not so much. Its full throttle for them at nearly all times. The wife and I are happy at 30 MPH just cruising along and enjoying the scenery. You are correct, however, that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and attention. True, there's a bad apple in every bunch as well, BUT I can happily report that I would gladly sell this to a neighbor or family member and not worry about them rapping on my door asking for their $$ back because its been a great ski. Perhaps fresh water and regular maintenance will do that or proper storage or even just not abusing the thing. After all, I don't care how well built anything is, IF its abused or ridden very hard and not maintained, then failure is an option. I have not even had the issue with paint that many have had . My biggest beef is the water that sits in the footwells. Why , back in 2014 they didn't think of drains is beyond me to this day. Oh, and the rubber latches that sit in the sun and degrade to the point where they wont hold open the back storage compartment, BUT that's just wear that I'd expect.

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    Demand has already dropped in upper midwest. Prices are highest before the 4th of July and demand drops off after that. COVID has not changed that. I would still sell it if you can make money and find the right ski for you.

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