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    I was thinking of investing in an aftermarket air filter but I heard that in order to use one you have to remove the cat. Any advice in what I should do here or if this mod. is worth it?? Thanks for all the help

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    With the cat in, you may have too much heat for an aftermarket air filter.

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    If you look at the intake you will see a "bulb" toward the front of the ski. If you want a little extra air you can just take that "bulb" OFF. It will add all you can use.

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    You don't have to remove the cat but I would do that while I was in there anyways. The cat will fail and you will hate it. While the pipe is out yank the cat and put in a d-plate.

    But if you want to keep the cat for a little extra speed on top for the time being contact Ross Nemo on here. He sells the Sonic Boom Throttle Bodie mod. Adds a lot of mid range and over a mph on top, 100rpms on top also. It is a good mod. You won't have to worry about that melting.

    But if you want to go a cheap route just remove the air box and take out the metel screens in front of the throttle bodies. Then put the air box back with out all the stuff on that goes to the front. You should see gain from that.

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    I have a riva race filter for cheap on ebay

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