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    Kawasaki Ultra 130 DI fuel pump removal?

    Been looking to see if anyone has made a DIY for this but it doesn't look like there is. I applied 12v to my fuel pump and I got nothin. I have a replacement fuel pump and hoping to swap it out today but I'm looking at this and it doesn't look like there will be enough room to yank it out no matter what.

    I see a couple posts but there's really no info other than "it sucked"


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    After I posted that I found this.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrjetskey View Post
    It was easy just remove the emm and frame, the side panels , the handlebar base slid back, Then out she comes.

    Guess I'm gonna find out now.

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    aaannnd I didn't need a new fuel pump, but wait. The fuel pump I bought matches factory exactly and only costed me $13 shipped from ebay. Guess what it's from? A friggen 1995 geo tracker. I put it in anyway.

    The fuel pump job was pretty easy but a bit time consuming. If you're reading this post and you're family handy expect to spend about three hours start to finish.

    You can pull the pump out after pulling the plastics off, dropping the emm bracket and taking the four bolts off the steering column. Just move all the junk out of the way.

    I took some pics. It turns out whoever I bought this from installed a new Quantam fuel pump. Looking at this it can't be any more than a year old if not less. It's also not their fault as to why it wouldn't build fuel pressure. The polarity at both pumps are opposite from factory. Go figure.

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