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    Does leaving your waverunner in "Locked" mode drain the battery more?

    If I leave my FX on a lift all week in the "locked" setting from the keyfob will it pull enough power all week potentially draining the starting battery or doesn't it drain the battery at all?

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    I think these modern skis do pull a little juice while they're in the locked mode. Sometimes, one or more of my skis may sit for 6 weeks without being used. I can tell that the cranking speed is a little slower than normal. I've never had one of my three, 4-stroke skis pull the battery down in only one week. BTW, they are in the "locked" mode while sitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeeterzx225 View Post
    ... FX ... all week in the "locked" setting from the keyfob will it pull enough power ...
    What makes you imagine that the radio receiving module consumes any more or less power when in locked vs unlocked mode?

    The remote receiver in the watercraft must be continuously ‘listening’ for a possible radio signal from the remote fob. It cannot predict how soon or far into the future you might press the button, and if it misses the remote signal (because it wasn’t powered up and listening) then the ski cannot lock or unlock on command.

    It does use a small amount of electrical power from the battery to operate the listening radio function.

    I have not measured the current drain but I would expect the watercraft battery to sustain the radio module for many weeks, and probably months. One week between uses does not seem likely to cause any troubles, unless the installed battery is itself age weakened or not properly charged.

    I have two GP1800 with remote lock feature, sometimes they sit fast multiple weeks. I also have aftermarket bilge pumps with electronic water sensing, and they two impose a modest power drain. Together, there is still not problem with starting the engine after several weeks of sitting.

    If our machines are not going to be used for a longer time then they are connected to an AC powered battery maintainer which will hold the battery very close to 100% full charge even with the security module and the bilge water sensor active.

    On a dock/lift you have to option of connecting a solar powered battery ‘charger’ to keep the battery topped up. Yamaha even sold a kit with PWC cover and solar panel integrated. Not sure if they still do.

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    I just wasn't sure of the Lock feature was really meant for a few hours when stopping at a lakeside bar vs leaving it activated for weeks at a time. I do use a solar trickle charger setup on my floating lift ever since I lost a few batteries due to them sitting on the lift for a week or so, wasn't sure if the lock feature was the culprit (These were good batteries at the time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeeterzx225 View Post
    ... I lost a few batteries due to them sitting on the lift for a week or so ... (These were good batteries at the time)
    A ‘good’ battery would last a lot longer than a week or so.

    Batteries continuously degrade. The battery that was ‘good’ at the beginning of the summer is a little less good in the middle of summer, and another notch less good at end of summer.

    The rate that a battery progresses from good to not-so-good has multiple influences. The more factors stacked up to degrade the battery the shorter the time until the battery is no longer trustworthy. Even if it still starts the engine.

    Temperature and temperature swings from hot days to cool overnight, repeated every day. Batteries don’t like that.

    How close to fully charged the battery gets while being ridden. All watercraft batteries prefer to be fully charged, all the time.

    A day on the water with many engine stops and starts can impede the battery from getting close to fully charged. So it gets put away not fully charged, which is sub-optimal for battery lifespan.

    Old-school batteries with liquid acid inside can lose water to evaporation, especially in a hot environment. Which degrades battery lifespan.

    Riding in rough water over waves can shake the battery repeatedly. Eventually the battery plates shed some material and perhaps develop internal cracks. Lead-acid batteries do not like rough treatment.

    The initial quality of the battery manufacture matters. Cheap batteries tend to be less long lived.

    How the battery is stored during the off-season matters. If the battery is allowed to self-discharge while in storage the battery is internally weakened, even if it is ‘fully recharged’ afterwards.

    And so on.

    I prefer the factory sealed Deka ETX series of AGM battery. No self-discharge problem, no venting, no liquid acid to handle and the battery cannot leak even if punctured. Vibration resistant and strong starting power.

    I also do not keep an old battery in use until it ‘fails’. Out on the water, I want a battery that will start the engine every time, with confidence. As soon as a watercraft battery gives even a hint of aging or otherwise weakening it gets replaced with a new AGM.

    I just put new Deka ETX batteries in both of my 2017 GP1800. The Deka AGM batteries that were in there since new (about 3 1/2 years) still started the SVHO engines every time. But the cranking rate was not as snappy as it used to be, and sometimes the dash voltage display would blip ‘Lo’ for a quick second during engine start.

    The removed batteries can be re-used in a land vehicle, something that if the battery fails you can just walk home from.

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    The remote lock fob is only good to keep family members and drunks at the dock from taking a joy ride.
    I "steal"(then return) skis off lifts/docks all the time to do oil/plug services.(even when locked with fob)
    Just like the password on your computer--
    Its for family purposes only- It will not keep me out of the computer or taking the ski..
    Just keep that in mind..
    big fan of the"fogetabout" chains & locks...

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    I don't think it's an anti-theft device, merely an extra hassle needed to get my pwc vs other pwc's on the lake.

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