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    2018 310 SE hesitates on hard acceleration on take off

    On wide open throttle on take off I get slight hesitation , just a couple seconds then comes on strong. If I try feathering the throttle while it is doing that it helps a little.
    To give a little more detail: I go full throttle.... it leaps out the water and catches just fine for about two seconds then stutters and hesitates for a couple seconds then catches again and go fine. When it stutters the engine actually bogs down a bit, almost like it is getting too much fuel.
    It does it on about 75 % of my launches.
    Plugs new.
    No water splashing on SC belt.
    Battery terminals tight.
    SCOM installed but now not working. ( IT did this while scom was working also but not as much)
    Ordered a new exhaust filter to see if it helps, not installed yet.
    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    I had a similar problem on my stx-160. I would check your fuel pumps to make sure they are not clogged. I got mine cleaned out and now it runs perfectly again! Hope this helps.

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    I will look into that. Thanks for the reply

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    Have a look at these few vids of mine. The first one was a bad fuel pump (sounds a lot worse that what you have) if you can hook up an inline gauge like I did you could eliminate the fuel pump

    The second video is the fluttering revs problem that I have now (unrelated to first problem)

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    Ausjet, thanks for the reply. I have a exhaust filter on order. If that doesn't solve things I will start digging into the fuel pump. Helpful vids, appreciate it.

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    I put a new exhaust filter in and the filter looked ok. I did notice the "water box" just aft of the exhaust filter was at least half full of water. Looked like a 1 gallon tank. I siphoned the water out. I haven't run it yet. Could this much water be the problem with hard acceleration that I mentioned in the opening post?

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    Water in the waterbox is fine, just be sure to blow it out real good after riding/flushing.

    I like the above mentioned fuel pressure check as the ethanol tends to wreak havoc on the parts.

    The first thing I'd check for the OP and Ausjet01 is the belt tension assembly pivot point. These have been known to seize up even on low hour skis because of the junk grease they use being mixed with water. The good news it the whole assembly is easy to take apart, clean and re-grease using a good marine grease like Amsoil. Also check the bearing on the tension pully as these tend to go bad. If that's the case then a local bearing supply sells a better quality bearing and it's cheap. An alternative would be the super nice but expensive aluminium replacements various places sell.

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    Ok, took it out on Lake Michigan yesterday. Ran fine now, no hesitation in hard throttle take off. Here is what I did... new exhaust filter, drained water box of about a half gallon water and removed a non functioning scom. I guess I could have done one thing at a time to see what it really was but one or all three of these issues fixed it. Exhaust filter looked ok but did have 100 hours on it. Thanks for all the advice guys

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