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    Whats the deal with

    I bought a magic GPS speedo unit from this very website, via the site.

    GPS is DOA. I have another paddle wheel to replace my bad one, but getting the ride plate off--- anyway I can plug in my working paddle wheel and spin it and register 2 mph on my gauge.

    I know its not my gauge, in other words.

    I have received 2 replies from Mr Waterstreet, the last one a week ago assuring me I'd be taken care of. To which I replied, then send me another GPS unit, that works.

    Crickets, nothing since. lame. Busy? sure, covid? sure. But I'm going on 3 weeks now. 2 emails, 3 weeks. no $150 magic GPS fix.


    Any assistance the forum can give would be appreciated.

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    Anybody? 44 views and no comments?

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