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    Yamaha FX 1100 HO help

    New to site so hopefully I posted in the right place. I just purchased both of my skis a few weeks ago. Everything has been fine until a friend sucked up a rope, we had to remove intake grate and cut rope out. There was no rope in the impeller just around the shaft. Reinstalled grate put back in water and now when you try to accelerate hard or pull a tube it acts like something is slipping. I marked the shaft at the impeller end and where shaft connects to coupling and ran again. Both marks still lined up and still 180 degrees apart from each other. Still seems like itís just not getting the water to the impeller. Revs up but doesnít go. If not pulling anything or hard accelerating runs fine, will still run 60. Thanks for the help in advance.

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    I really need some help if someone has any suggestions

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    Sounds like there is still some debris in the pump somewhere.

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    Tore everything out and found nothing

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