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    Ultra 150 that sat for 5 years

    Wanted a project so cruising Facebook came across 99 ultra 150 with trailer for $500 reached out owner told me it sat for 5 years mice got in it chewed on wiring..bit the bullet and bought it! Only wiring they chewed on was going up to the display all wiring is fixed now. So what Iíve done so far is drained the old fuel put in new premixed fuel for break-in, drained old oil, pulled the carbs and cleaned them for right now reinstalled, put in all new oil lines. Hereís my problem oily plugs Iím guessing from setting for 5 years oil got by the pump into the motor? Iíve ran the starter without the plugs trying to force oil out so it doesnít foul the plugs. Is there an easier way of clearing this oil out?? Anything else for advise would be great thanks

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    Theres check valves in the balancers and the balancers are filled with two stroke oil. It isnt abnormal if these sit for extended periods of time for oil to get by check valves. Really depends on how much oil is in the crank case, you dont wanna hydrolock it. I wouldnt worry to much about the plugs and can always remove and clean them. I would try to start her up, but if she has a full crank case your going to have to pull carbs, manifold and reeds and use something to suck the oil out of case.

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    Thanks for the reply there’s quite a bit of oil in there I’ve cleaned the plugs and reinstalled like 8 times! I’m tired of it so I guess I’m going to pull the carbs and the intake and suck some oil out! Thanks for the response

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    Ok pulled the carbs and intake and the reeds sucked out the oil while the carbs were out was wondering if there was any fuel in the fuel rails so I pulled the fuel pump fuel. Originally when I cleaned the carbs I cleaned the fuel pump didnít know any better! Could it be the fuel pump or the carbs why itís not getting fuel?

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    Fuel pump.deff these are hard to prime. Possibly clogged fuel filter or a clogged fuel pick up.

    Does it pop if you spray alittle premix in cylinder?

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    I changed the fuel filter earlier and sucked fuel into the fuel filter. Engine does pop with premix. I opened the fuel pump up again had a stuck valve hoping this is it! I also took a syringe of fuel and injected into the pump....not sure that’s right but going to try it. Going to put it back together and going to give it a try.

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    She fired up! Now I need to make a fitting for the hose inlet to hook it up to water! And then more testing before she is water worthy

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    Maybe you know this but worth repeating...
    Be sure to start the motor BEFORE you turn on the water. Shut off the water BEFORE you stop the motor.

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    Thanks for the heads up! So I hooked it up to water and the idle is really high! It was revving between 4000 to 4500. I didn’t run it that long. I started it 4 times and revved the same. Would the idle screw need adjusting? Or is it the carbs? One of the start ups i ran for 5 secs then I hit the stop button rpms stayed the same and didn’t shut off until I hit the throttle level then is shut off

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    Seems like more than the idle screw. Double check you put the cable back together correctly and that they are closing completely.

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