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    Diagnostic please!

    A good friend of mine has a 2010 RXT-X 260.
    It broke the supercharger at the 80 hour mark. Full engine rebuild, new supercharger housing, wheel, everything. Now has 140 hours, and yesterday, while removing the intercooler (leaking), he found this:

    Can anyone explain how this happened? He is very carefull with the jetski...

    Any insight is apreciated.

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    Only logic explanation is there was some kind of debris in the air intake.
    If running the stock airbox that one is wide open without any type of mesh.

    Some little bolt/nut/clip could have been fallen in the intake as well during the mentioned rebuild.

    Hopefully all the debris was catched by the IC and the flame arrestor in the manifold.

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    He sucked some form of debris into the supercharger.

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    Hi guys. Thanks for the replies.

    He discovered this because of a faulty intercooler. Now he just bought a new OEM one, but it seems to be an upgrated version. It has an extra outlet/inlet. Can you tell me what is it for?

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    If you're talking about the small fitting on the front, that's a vent. You need to run it to a thru hull fitting. Sea Doo sells a kit for it.

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    its an extra flush through the intercooler to help with salt buildup.

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    It is a vent that prevents an air buble from forming in the top of the IC as it fills with water. When running it will be venting water so you will need to run a line through the hull or do like me with my speedster l, just run the line up and through the hull air intake and zipped to my rear cleat.

    You could block it off with no ill affects as well but it does serve a purpose. Remember the vent should be on the top not the bottom when mounted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNX231 View Post
    its an extra flush through the intercooler to help with salt buildup.
    There is a plug in the new ones for flush, but this is not what they were referring to.

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    Return it and get a fizzle lol.. all the oem ones suck they all break in my experience.

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