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Thread: Blown 300

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    Blown 300

    had one of the first batch 16's, lasted up until recent with sheered flywheel bolts 143hrs. All the recall's, usual B.S

    About to yank the block, part out etc... Can I run a 260 block as a drop in, , swap pto/charger and call it a day? I find its a more reliable block.

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    Just rebuild it. Mine sheered about 2 months ago, 2 weekends rebuilding/cleaning it and $800 in parts its running again. I used the arp upgrade bolts from riva so it should be good now. Just check the oil filter and if you see no metal flakes in it, then there should be nothing expensive damaged ie cam crank SC. All the debris in mine was caught by the "oil sieve" pre oil pump particle screen. Maybe I just got lucky.

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    Mine did the same thing at 80 hours - BRP replaced motor and Supercharger - no cost. never hurts to fight for it

    Best wishes

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