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    Looking to build an engine for my 2012 RXT-x-as 260

    Hey all,
    im looking to build an engine for my RXT-X-AS 260. Problem Iím having is that I am very new to the PWC scene. I have built many performance engines for various Chevy, dodge, and ford cars and trucks so I donít think this will be very hard other that removing the whole upper deck every time I need to do something...... my main question is dose it matter what year 4tec block I use? Are some year range blocks garbage? Are some stronger? The current goal is to run forged pistons and rods with all the valve train goodies. I would like to modify my front cover to accept the larger 300 supercharger with the bigger wheel... I would like to go turbo but I donít see room for that and still having a fun ski in all water conditions.
    any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, J

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    From seeing a friend getting so frustrating on Not having any room to do anything on ski, had to always remove upper deck/lid to get access to something like carbon seal/supercharger/oil pressure/map sensor and No Air filter upgrade stuff like that so its maybe a great ski on normal riding but adding performance (Wrenching on It) but the wife loves it.

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