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    Caution raider fan in the area !!
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    Talking happy fathers day to all .

    have , a great day green hulk dads .

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    Its one thing to have a hand full of throttle on a watercraft, But nothing compares to your children telling you that your the best dad in the whole wide world. Awesome feeling

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    Slaved for me all day!! JK, had a great day with my daughter. Thanks.

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    I agree..everyday should be Father's daughter's the greatest!..

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    I'll have mine tomorrow. My Sunday sucked spent all Saturday night through Sunday morning at the hospital on night shift came home at 6:00am and found my youngest sons friends had trashed my house with TP, chalk, choc syrup sugar and glitter. My son had told me the dog was acting funny walking with one leg. I found the dog my 5 yr old pure bred Sheppard that I have a small fortune invested in already, could not use either of his rear legs. I was dead ass tired the vet did not open until 10:00 so I crashed for a few hours called the vet they sent me to an emergency animal hospital. The on call Doctor calls me and gives me the scenario basicly bleak. I go to the hospital meet with my wife we discuss the dog and decide to have him put down a truly heart wrenching experience. I call the Vet he has gone in and examined the dog and talks me out of it. So he got a second chance. I then had Hospital cafeteria food for dinner and stayed late again. Like I said I get mine tomorrow. All kids are home now Dog pulled through after his procedure and I am not working so it is my day tomorrow

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    Fathers day is not until September in OZ, but I must tell you about a friend of mine last year who woke up early on Fathers day with his wife sitting up next to him in bed with a long rope in her hands, and telling him as it was Fathers early in the morning and that he should tie her up and do anything he wished.

    So he did-----he tied her up and went and played golf.

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