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    2007 RXT 215 wants to go faster than RXP-X 300 - how to do this?

    Hi guys!

    I have a 2007 RxT 215 here in Scandianvia, a lot of my friends have got the 300 and are leaving me in the dust so to speak.
    I got the ski when it was new and have had jetski since tle Polaris 650 SL came out in the mid 90's. Jet skis have been very popular over her the last decade so mny of my friends have got the now. Between 2007 and the present i have only but 60 hours on my ski due to a house that have needed a total maker and have two children. The ski now has a Riva stage 1 kit and X charger with 42's. The plan was to get another Seadoo and let my son eventually ride the 07 but with the pandemic the founds are not there anymore. But i want to make a sleeper with the power to outrun the newbies that just got their 300's that are have a big mouth. Anyone care to share info on wich route are the best to go? Had a test ride on the exact same ski in florida with the Riva xxx charger and tons of other upgrades and must say that went like rocket compeard to the 300's back home.

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    WAAAY bigger SC, injectors, ECU flash and a prop.
    Or just go turbo. Anyway you do it $$$$$$$.

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    If you're trying to beat a stock 300 up top than it's pretty easy. A tune with ET137+4 charger, and supporting mods, will easily outrun a stock or scom rxp 300. If everything is good than you should see mid-upper 70s

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    My 2006 RXP is about 10 mph faster than my scom gtx 300 with the mods in my signature, and RXT wouldn't be to far behind

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    It all depends on how much you want to spend. On my old rxp 215 an x charger with et 137+4 wheel, external intercooler, tuned ecu, injectors rrfpr, speedfreaks modified ride plate, and opas hull extensions would run 83.1 mph on a cooler day.

    if I were to do It today it would be with a 300 charger and et135 wheel for less headaches of the supercharger.

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    Thanx guys. at the moment i have a new x charger, riva thermost, rrfpr ,Pro series ecu 8650 rpms and 40lbs injectors sitting in the basement. planning to order an intercooler kit from Fizzle and a riva free flow. I will also need a valve train kit , ET 137+4 and some 50lbs. Any rideplate upgrade availble or have the went out of production?

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    15/22 prop is good to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimNorway View Post
    15/22 prop is good to know
    I love the 15/22 on my T-X. Has run 75 with stock tune, injectors etc... RR

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    Hi! Check PM

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