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    2010 FZS SVHO injectors

    Installed SVHO injectors on 2010 FZS with 18psi wheel after market fuel pump and rising rate regulator, have Maptuner with stage 2 tune runs great WOT but there is a 4 second lag that is not there on my 2016 FZS, basically I need the SVHO tune for the 2010 and have made request to Riva for that tune but have been waiting over a month for response from their tech department, any suggestions.

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    Send an email over to and he should be able to help you with the tune.

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    What’s the size difference between the stock .injectirs and the SVHO ones?

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    use AFR gauge and check from idle to WOT. Adjust static pressure at regulator to fine tune lag out. You probably need to start around 40psi static. You will gain 1psi for each 1 psi of boost with Rising rate. Adjust for smooth transition in acceleration and 11.8 WOT. Idle and light cruise can be in the 13.5 range.

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    Not sure if it would help your exact problem, but can't hurt. Lots of people say to wire the aftermarket fuel pump directly to the battery via a relay/fuse combo. I just finished installing the same via #10 wires, no more fuel hiccups. Seems the stock wiring gauge, especially the neg, is a wee bit too close to the power capacity.

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