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    Holeshot kit...?

    I've searched on here but couldn't really find anything.

    What exactly is the holeshot kit? (the one from Island Racing, not that awesome hydromatic one! hah)

    What is it, how do I install it, and what exactly does it do?

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    Its the jetworks mod.

    Basically its a valve that resticts water to the exhaust (dries it out), so that you have far better acceleration.

    Once the engine rpm's hit 3500 (well thats where everyone sets it to), it opens to let water into the exhaust (as per normal operation) and you get the top end.

    He sells a kit with all the peices you require to do the mod.

    IF you dont have an aftermarket impellor, its going to be a waist of time, as the ski will just cavitate.

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    I've got it and installed it ... works great and simple to install. I have a question, though, for Carl or others that have done the install w/ island directions.

    Since the water exit line is on the top of the stinger, do you think (or know) if it does a good enough job of emptying water out of the stinger so that at the end of the season when I winterize that the frozen water left inside won't damage the stinger? Any first hand experience with other cold weather state riders?

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    Uuummmmm, I've never seen the drain at the top of the pipe, but I have never seen Carls directions either.

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    Water seeks its own level.
    With that said the amount of water left in the pipe will be determined by the location of the outlet or "bypass" fitting.
    If the water outlet is up by the grab handle, pratically your whole pipe is going to be full reguardless if the outlet is tapped in the top or bottom of the pipe.for the pipe to empty out the outlet would have to be below the lowest part of the pipe -- and thats under the water level when the skiis floating
    The difference internally of the amount of water left in the water jacket of the pipe weather tapped in top and bottom is only a few ounces.
    We chose to route the outlet on top right near the inlet because it makes a neater install in the engine compartment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceman View Post

    IF you dont have an aftermarket impellor, its going to be a waist of time, as the ski will just cavitate.

    Really - makes sense but havent heard anyone else say this - any opinions?
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    I was like "umm... I didn't start this thread!" and then I noticed it was a year old and someone just replied to it.

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