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    PLEASE I need help no warning just stopped.

    Hello all new posters first timer here. I'm going to try and describe the best I can.
    I have a 1997Kawasaki zxi 750. I blew it up awhile ago and finally bought a new motor for it. (Oil line broke) Well I been breaking it in but I noticed my battery wasnt charging. So I go to fix that and my dumb mistake when I started to disconnect the negative battery cable I accidentally forgot to turn key off. I heard a little click but didnt see a spark and then noticed my mistake. I turned it off and proceeded to disconnect. When I put it back together I tried to start it and when I turn the key I get no warning lights, no clicking and no start. It does absolutely nothing besides trim gauge registers. I can jump the starter relay solenoid and the motor well start and warning lights will come on for the test. So I know motor is still good. What could be my issue? I replaced solenoid with another I had laying around and that didnt fix it. Battery is fully charged and good. And the little black wire is connected to negative bat post also. I have power at green start button and power on red wire at orange switch. All wires in ebox look good. I just bought the new motor and have alot of money into this and the season is almost over but I just cant seem to figure this out. PLEASE any help is greatly appreciated. Also I have power going to start button and power on key switch. And power does NOT transfer on the starting relay solenoid. So no crank/start no clicking or any noise and no power to warning lights.

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    Wow no one has any ideas?

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    Welcome aboard, BK188!

    Sometimes it takes a while for people to respond.

    Sounds like you blew a fuse. Remove the black plastic cap on the electrical box and install a new fuse. 10 amp.

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