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    Kawasaki zxi 750 please help no start no click

    So I'm going to try and describe best I can.
    I bought a new motor for my ski 1997Kawasaki zxi 750. Been breaking it in but battery wasnt charging. So I go to check voltage regulator and noticed it was loose. Put it together and it started charging again when ski was running. But I had a wire ran that was tight so I went to run it properly and when I started to disconnect the negative battery cable I accidentally forgot to turn key off. I heard a little click but didnt see a spark and then noticed my mistake, so I turned it off and proceeded to disconnect. When I put it back together I tried to start it and when I turn the key I get no warning lights, no clicking and no start. It does absolutely nothing besides trim gauge registers. I can jump the starter relay solenoid and lights will come on to show they are working and it will turn over. So I know motor is still good. What could be my issue? I replaced solenoid with another I had laying around and that didnt fix problem. Battery is fully charged and good. I just bought the new motor and have alot of money into this and was so happy to get on the water finally even tho season is almost over but I just cant seem to figure this out. PLEASE any help is greatly appreciated. Also I have power going to start button and power on key switch. But no start. No click no warning lights. Unless jumping the posts on solenoid. Small black wire is connected to negative post also. I see that problem on here alot.
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    Wow, really? No one has any ideas or can help at all? I'm so lost with this ski.

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