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    Help needed 2005 Yamaha vx110 sport

    Hey all new to the forum, my BIL just got this jetski and it was running great on the hose, etc when he bought it. Took it out yesterday, lost power on the water, and throws code 124. After tinkering and researching various threads it says code 124 is the throttle position sensor. We found one off another jetski (not sure if donor ski was any better but was told it was running prior to being parted out) locally which we thought would fix our problem, but it didn't.
    Ran for a good 5 minutes or so and now it's throwing same code and won't go over 3k rpm when it runs, does anyone have any experience with this issue? We changed spark plugs put new fuel in it (mightve needed to dump fuel?) etc... Please help!
    Thanks for any and all response.
    Here in south of Houston TX if that matters.

    Thanks for any and all response!

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    Well we got it figured out, turned out to be the throttle body control, but it was throwing the 124 code {TPS) for some reason in case anyone else has this issue.

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