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Ended up getting a new MPEM from Westside Powersports; thanks Nick. Working as it should.

Update as of 20 min ago; IT RUNS! But on starter fluid.............

I primed the fuel system by pressurizing the return line until I got consistent flow from return barb on carbs. The system is primed from what I can see, (clear lines) but it will not pull from the tank. Any similar experiences?

I'm thinking I'll get a primer bulb and install inline and force fuel until the carbs catch vacuum??

Thanks for everyones help!
No donít do that.

Pull carbs and rebuild them including fuel pumps. All new rubber parts. They only last 3-5 years. Check all your fuel lines. Check the tank vent check valves are functional. Check fuel pump impulse line off of crankcase. Make sure it is not cracked or broken. Make sure no junk in fuel selector valve. Check water separator for junk. Make sure choke flaps work.

A few seconds on choke then it should fire and idle forever..