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    i run the riva grate with the pump seal kit and silicone on 3 GP 1800 2017+2018+2020....first 2 skis as 81 pmh stage 1 Plus and the 3rd one stage 2 87 mph...using the lucky13 pump cone as well no problem with pump stuffing

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    I actually had it happen twice. I wasn’t watching my tto when it happened, I really don’t think I was getting near the limiter. I didn’t even have the throttle pinned. My limiter is set at 8400. I’ll have to watch the tach next time and see where I’m at.

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    What did u feel when this happen ?

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    I was on perfectly smooth water. I was slowly building speed, this was the first time with this build on smooth water so I was easing into it as I wasn’t sure how it was going to perform yet. Anyway out of nowhere the back kicked up and the front dug in. Darted around a little bit until I got it slowed down. I did open the nozzle up to the stock 87mm and I shimmed my ride plate down. My plate is modified and has a ton of angle. Haven’t had any smooth water since to do any testing. I did ride it a bit in some rough water and I can definitely tell the nose is staying down more like a stock plate. But my tto tach is all over the place. Any tips on getting it to work better? Or should I get a different tach?

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    I never messed with the TTO tach, but what you describe is the biggest complaint. I understand there are things you could try (aka grounded backing pate) to gain a better signal. Try looking at this thread for starters :

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    Yeah I saw that thread, unfortunately not until after I hooked up the tto. I wrapped the coil like that. I guess I’ll have to try grounding it next and see if that works.

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    I would consider buying a new nozzle before trying to open up an old one. new gp nozzles are not that expencive. Is it a 6 or 8 vane nozzle?

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    Yeah that’s probably not a bad idea. I forgot to look but I’m fairly sure it’s an eight vane. Haven’t been able to get out on any smooth water to do high speed testing, but I did get my tach working well. Just attached a spade terminal to the end of a wire and stuck it under the tach. Then just grounded the other end to the engine. Tach is very steady and consistent now. I did notice if you touch it while riding the reading jumps all over the place again.

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