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    STX 1100 Diagnostics

    Hello All, I have 3 KAW skis,, a pair of 2000 1100 STX di skis along with a 97 STX 1100. I was wanting to get my own diagnostic tool that would work with the skis I have as both the STX di skis have warning lights on. Mainly if could get set up with the right stuff to pull codes would be the biggest thing. Can anyone advise what I need and the best place to buy a cable and software? Also how much should I expect to pay? Thanks in advance!

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    The Candoo Pro stuff is nice, and reasonably priced for what you get, in my opinion.

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    Ok thanks a bunch! I don't see a phone number, would you happen to know it?

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    Ooops never mind, found it, I must have overlooked it.

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    The Green Hulk store carries it.

    Kawasaki Candoo code reader

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