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    seadoo tx260 headbolts ?

    Just completed a build on my tx - bought new head bolts and installed
    I bought genuine out of habit , but got me wondering if anyone has used non gen - eg SBT headbolts - any dramas ?
    Asking for future reference - stock build only ...


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    Go with ARP studs. And I would stay away from SBT junk.
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    I once bought 6 x connecting rod bolts from SBT. some of them were cross threaded, they would not screw in by hand. I returned the garbage back to them.. They even gave me a hard time. I told them I would make a youtube video called the so called new sbt bolt.

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    I have used a few SBT parts when putting stock SeaDoo engines back together and never had any problems, their gasket kits and bolt kits are cheaper than BRP and work fine for me.

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