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    2001 GTX Carb and Crank Case Connections

    Hi All,

    Forum has been a big help thus far; but having some trouble identifying a couple final connections before I drop the motor back in.

    Short backstory; bought ski not running and halfway torn down. Carbs already off, exhaust off. I have both the Clymer and Shop Manuals but neither are very descriptive about this.

    Now trying to plumb everything back up properly. I have all the coolant plumbing identified and labeled, but not sure on the fuel and pulse connections. Ordered new SBT core and going back together with it. Rebuilt pump, installed block off kit, etc....Pics attached; BIG thanks in advance!

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    2 barbs on lower crankcase are vaccum pulse. One goes for the long vac hose that runs over to the Rave Solenoid, and one feeds that middle barb (90 deg bend one) on the carburetor (fuel pump) that has PULSE markings next to it.

    The top 1/4" barb on the carb is for the fuel return line to tank.
    The bottom 5/16" barb on the carb is for fuel feed line that runs back to the fuel filter.

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    Thanks pma; after tracing out and relabeling what is in the ski already that leaves me with a mystery hose.

    There is a hose going to a bulkhead in the front of the hull underneath the fuel fill. Assuming coolant temp from exhaust water jacket by looking at schematic?

    Any input on required check valves? There are none inline anywhere including fuel and looking at drawings; quite a few are called for? Crack pressure on valves??

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    Was just looking at this stuff on my empty hull 01 RX carb last night. The 'mystery hose' I have in this general area with fitting through the hull up by fuel filler/where my knee what I believe to formerly be a vent hose to the battery. But now no longer used with AGM style battery.

    Any chance this is the hose you're looking at?

    Also up in this area on mine is 2 water hoses with a Y-fitting (2 into 1 at bulkhead fitting) and those 2 hoses run up to the smaller hose barb fittings on the water jacket of the pipe. This bulkhead is normally spraying out warm water while running.

    Not sure on the check valves you speak of; sorry not much help on that one. I know I don't have any check valves on fuel lines, and water lines there are 2 check valves inline back near the VTS module but unsure what they go to off hand.

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    Yes that is the same hose; judging by length it would be able to reach the battery. So that answers that.

    As far as the check valves go, I'm going off of the manuals. I cant see the need for them as there is only one main flow in from the pump and all others are discharge... Trying to make molested ski proper again.

    Also, Was looking at pictures on google and where you had said the carbs say pulse both of mine say "Fuel". Assuming plumbing will still be the same?

    Another odd find; or maybe not... I cannot find a ground connection for the battery. The engine ground comes out of the main harness and tracing it; I wind up at the ECU in the front. There is no connection at the rear of the ski..just want to make sure it's as it should be. Both manual electrical drawings show a ground to the battery?

    EDIT: I've now read that I can come straight off the battery ground and go to the engine block then use the ground out of the harness on the stator housing?
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    I say kudos to you for resurrecting your machine!!! You're close to being rewarded for your hard work and investment
    My project is a few steps behind yours and glad we can compare notes.

    You are right on the ground wiring. There is the heavy ground lead that connects to the battery, then bolts to the bottom of the crankcase. Then there is another smaller ground wire w/ring terminal that that bolts onto the stator housing with an M6 bolt.

    I looked at the check valves on mine last night and those 2 hoses I speak of with check valves are for the bilge suckers that connect to the jet pump. No other check valves I can see.

    I had looked at some other forum posts about the carb connections to be sure; the middle 90 degree elbow is the pulse/vac line from the crankcase the runs the fuel pump. The 1/4" top barb where 2 fuel lines run into it is the return line connection. The bottom larger 5/16" barb is the fuel feed from the filter.

    Keep us posted how your first start up goes!

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    Thanks for your help. Hopefully start up soon. Motor is about ready to drop in. I'm just waiting on some 1/8" fuel line for the carb jumper lines; they were pretty rotten. Pump is already rebuilt with fresh bearings and wear ring, Got new 1/4" and 5/16" fuel line ready, pulled apart fuel selector and cleaned, tank removed, and flushed, ohm'd out sender, grips, new throttle lever, lubed cables...etc etc!

    A couple other odds and ends in the mail; hydro turf mats, new graphics, exhaust gasket for 2 pc pipe connection, and a Odyssey Battery. Seats will also be getting recovered next week.

    Looking forward to it!

    One last question, does the fuel system operate off of vapor pressure? I believe I read about a PRV in the fuel lines somewhere? How would the carbs get primed for their first start up?

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    I think the internal pump of the carbs (vac operated) creates the draw necessary to pull fuel to the carbs.
    With a dry fuel system, prime is accomplished via turning it over and creating vac pulses.

    On that same note, I plan to take my 'squirt bottle' of premix prior to first fire-up and shoot it down the 5/16" fuel feed hose by the fuel filter so I don't have to crank forever.

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    Yes, I was going to use a separate length of hose, fill it with premix and let it gravity feed into the carbs until it fires up. Once Carbs are primed I'd re-attach the main supply from selector and let it do its thing.

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