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    1300 riva free flow does it lose power?

    Ok I'm getting mixed posts about the riva free flow. Some say they lost top end others say no, some say it helps a lot low and mid but did nothing on top. Someone told me the got 50rpm from it along with re clocking the waterbox. So what's the answer? Does it depend on other mods and the impeller? I always thought that it actually lost top end because of the lower back pressure from all my research over the years. But I was out of the game for 2 years and now I'm back in it.
    On my 03 I'm considering the mod, or making one and combining it with the tdr waterbox. I just wanna make sure I get something out of it instead of just sounding cool and going slower after spending all the money.

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    The stock sound suppression turns more rpms on a single pipe. Did this years ago....went from a free flow back to the stock sound suppression and gained 60rpm. Stock water box usually works best also.
    A good mod for acceleration and about 120 rpms would be set of V force reeds.

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    My 2 cents on this. Just try it and see if you like it. Easy mod to put back.

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    Free flow is freaking loud. It loses you about 50rpm on a stock ski. Once you increase timing and compression you will need the free flow. Otherwise stay stock IMO

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    Yes motor is stock. Just a few bolt on and 05+ exhaust. Your saying even the tdr box with the stock sound box still would act like a free flow?

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