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    I did it......!!!

    I bought my 250x after my SeaPoo delamanated

    I was so, so , so excited, I got the ski to the boat ramp and some guy had his truck with trailer in the water and he was gone.

    After 30 minutes, I left a snot gram on his window and told him he was a evil/ horrible person.

    Finally he showed( it really was 30 minutes) , I got my ski in the water and told him im sorry for the letter, but I was over excited....

    IM on the slo key now, but that other key is insane!!!


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    What a jerk! I know your excitement, I've been there. Congrats and enjoy. The orange key is sick

    ps-those Sea Doo pics are amazing!

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    welcome to the dark side luke

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    Good to hear, congrats and enjoy it.

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    how did you get your rxp to do that? wow.

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    Factory defect. I was just riding around and it suddenly swerved left. I didnt know what happened till I got it on the lift...


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    congrats , just throw a pump wedge on the ultra and you will love it

    once you ride it in a 2 foot chop you will be glad you went with it


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