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    08 rxpx impeller frozen to impeller shaft

    Hi all,

    I have a 2008 rxpx with about 80 hrs on it. My second season with ski. I am third owner. Noticed bearing whine first ride this year. Pulled pump and opened up and definitely has water intrusion. Problem is I cannot get impeller broken loose from shaft. Shop manual calls for heat and clockwise rotation. I have tried soaking in penetrating oil, had impeller hub red hot. I twisted a 12 MM allen socket off. Tried another 12mm and cannot get it to budge. Any tricks? Anything I am missing? Has anyone ever had/tried to cut an impeller off? Trying to not have to buy another pump housing...


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    Its counterclockwise and use a breaker bar

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    Impellars can be a bear to get off. A 12mm Allen socket on a breaker bar will break it loose

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    I use a 4 foot breaker bar

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    Had it soaking in CLR for a few days before my post yesterday. Checked today and it looks like shaft had rusted and mushroomed over the chamfer on impeller. Could not see the chamfer before. About 2/3 of chamfer is apparent now. Gonna soak till Saturday when time allows another torque/heat session. Will let know outcome. Thanks for replies!

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    Shop manual says Clockwise rotation.... Meaning reverse threads.. This is not a typo correct?... Righty tighty, Lefty loosey does NOT apply correct???

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    Not sure what manual you use but the impeller is counterclockwise loosening.......

    The impeller boot is clockwise loosening due LH threads.

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    using BRP 2008 shop manual. Specifically says both impeller boot and impeller are clockwise rotation to loosen.

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