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    Click on My Profile, top right corner of this web site, and update your location info.

    Perhaps there is another member nearby with the same (or very similar) Yamaha model that would be willing to put it in the water for you.

    You may be able to determine if this other watercraft is ‘acting the same’ as yours in terms of list tendency, or if something else is going on.

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    My brother owns two, 2020 VX Cruiser HO skis. He says neither one of them lists.

    He doesn't have any gps speeds to report.
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    Sits perfectly level
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    Oh wow that’s awesome thank you so so much for that pic! I’m gonna use this to show the dealer. They haven’t even gotten to look at mine yet so I have no answers yet. I’ll keep you all posted.

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    I'm also having a turning issue and dannyual777 directed me to your post so we can compare notes. Here is the original text to my post. I will comment further after.

    Looking for some input on a left turning/leaning issue on my 2019 FX Cruiser HO.

    It finally happened. I sucked up a tow rope at idle power, wrapped up around the impeller shaft which immediately stopped the engine. I got towed in. While at the ramp this other guy decided to recover his ski while I was struggling with my unpowered ski in the slip area. The wind/current swung my ski and the rear deck hit his trailer, but not hard. During the struggle the left side hull scraped against the jagged metal of the terrible ramp I have to use. Scratches are not deep, but it's all down the left side. I get home and cut the rope out.

    The next time I take out my ski it has this slight left turn at slow speeds. When throttling up it seems to want to turn left and even lean way left in a left turn. When turning right it does not lean right (or very little). If I have another person or two onboard the left-lean effect during left turn is even more dramatic. Almost to the point I think it will tip over to the left.

    I can see nothing broken or wrong (that I can tell). The rear nozzle is aligned with the handlebars. Sponsons are unmoved and undamaged. Steering linkage rod not bent and not loose. While idling on the trailer I looked up at the impeller shaft and it is not bent. It is not taking on water. Any ideas about this left turning/leaning? Maybe the impeller is slightly bent from the rope? I'm just grasping at straws at this point. Maybe the scratches? I just wouldn't think they would do this. The only other clue is that before this happened I could reach 54 mph. Now it's 53. Thanks for any ideas.

    I am certain there was no turn/lean tendency before this day. I find it interesting what K447 said about the engine mounting alignment. I can see how a forced stop of my engine with the impeller shaft may have caused excessive torque on the engine mounts and have them shift slightly. My untrained eyes can't see anything though. It sits pretty level in the water turned off with no riders. And concerning water being trapped in the I don't know. Maybe if you had two scales you could see if one side weight more than the other. Maybe take a total weight and see if it matches the factory weight. It's true you can't really trust the speedometer. Mine has never gone above 54. No complaints on power though. I primarily use my ski for towing. Unfortunately I don't often reference the GPS speed and I can't give you useful info on that. But mine will hit 54 and stop. Like it's being metered. I'm only on the ocean and I can't even get that fast normally, with the water conditions and my fear of dying lol.

    I went out to a Yamaha demo a couple days ago. I had their guys ride my ski. They confirmed it's not all in my head. I'm just going to use them to repair the scratches. Maybe that's most or all of the issue for me. Their main tech will also investigate, but who knows. I just don't see anything besides the scratches.

    I have to say that it sucks you had to deal with a dishonest local dealership. My BS detectors are constantly active when going into any business like that. I would have used another dealership. Shoot, I didn't use mine when I bought my ski. I went with one highly recommended by friends. Even though it was in California and I am in Guam. Mainly because of the local markup, but still. I guess I will soon see how the only Yamaha dealership within thousands of miles of me handles this.
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    No listing that I can tell on my (2) VX Cruiser HO’s. They were both turning 7500 rpms by 8-9 hours. My lake is freshwater about 1000’ above sea level and I get 61-62 mph average load gps verified.

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    Wow thanks for reach out. Our problems seem similar but not quite the same. I’d be curious to see what you find out to fix yours! Keep me posted and I’ll update you as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rojote View Post
    No listing that I can tell on my (2) VX Cruiser HO’s. They were both turning 7500 rpms by 8-9 hours. My lake is freshwater about 1000’ above sea level and I get 61-62 mph average load gps verified.
    Hmm yeah see that’s what I thought mine should be hitting. The lake was only 4500 ft. I could understand a few mph. Like if I was maxing out at 58-60 I’d understand. But I couldn’t get over 6500 rpms. Seems like my engine is a dud and my hull must be misshaped. Because from everything I’ve read, these jet skis should sit almost perfectly level and hit 60-65mph.

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    Yes, should be close to 60 or above. I hope they get you figured out...

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    Well. Idk if any of you are still following this thread. But 3 weeks later the dealer looked at it. Said they compared it to another vx cruiser and they both lean left 1-2 inches. And they said that’s perfectly normal. So now I’m going to have to find a different dealership to look at it because I’m calling bs. No jet ski should lean 2 inches.

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