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    Newbie with 2001 SUV1200 Looking for tips

    Hi All! I'm fairly a newbie. I inherited a 2001 SUV1200 and I am looking for some help and tips. You'll have to forgive me, I'm used to working on the inside of a computer case, rather than a motor. I'm doing my best, but while I can turn a screw and put things together, this is not my strong suit.

    My SUV had a primer installed a few years ago. It also has a battery shutoff switch installed. Other than that, it seems to have the standard setup, no pre-mix. It seems from the work orders that I have looked through that the top end has been re-done a few times in the last 10 years. Right now, it starts right up, but when I rev it up in the water, if I get up to 5k-6k RPMs it immediately revs down. I can't get it up to speed. From what I have read on this forum, it sounds like the carbs need rebuilt. Does that sound right?

    Is this something that a regular Joe can do without any serious issues? I'll be real, I've only ever changed a battery or a spark plug. I have no experience with this. The closest place that will touch a 2 stroke near me is about an hour away. The guy seems great, and from what I have heard, does great work, I'm just wondering if I should attempt it.

    I'll answer any questions as best I can. Thanks!

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    Rebuild is quite straight forward and need to be performed regular basis, I do it once a season. Use original rebuild kits.

    Here is good video

    Check from SUV-1200 maintenance manual how to remove carbs. And Mikuni SBN 44 maintenance manual about the details of carbs. Carbs pop-up pressures are good to check and tune as required when those are opened.

    Most likely carbs are dirty and/or needle valves are not working perfectly.


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    Rebuilding the carbs will be a great hands on project. You'll learn alot. There are many people on here to help out in the process of the rebuild. There are alot of carb rebuilding posts on Greenhulk to help guide. Take your time and ask questions during the process.

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    I consider myself a shady tree car mechanic and I recently got into jet skis. I have an XLT 1200 (same motor but with power valves) that needed a replacement motor. I used the carbs from the blown motor. Simply because those carbs already had the accelerator pump removed (a common mod), a T coupler for the aftermarket primer the ski had when I bought it. Compared to the carbs that came with the donor motor which still had the caps on the High and Low mixture screws (I would have needed to drill them out). Rebuilding a carb is pretty straight forward for a mechanically inclined person like myself but I would NOT recommend a rookie to attempt it even with a video to follow. You can easily mess things up x3. And the carbs are what feed the engine its oil and fuel. So if you dont one thing right including the high and low screw turn outs, your engine will go kaboom. This happens quite often with these motors if you don't know what you're doing. They're also getting harder to find good donor motors. Even if the carb rebuild and tuning goes well, its a matter of time before the oil injection kicks the bucket. My advice is read about the high and low screw adjustments and maybe switching to premix. Then get it the ski to run properly and sell it and buy a four stroke.

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    Those are the best motors... Blaster 1 and 2 guys love those for conversions..
    If you want it to be right. get a compression check done. do the carbs.. do the oil block off and go premix.. if you do the carbs yourself just do them one at a time. buy a pop off gauge.. get the screw settings from someone here. I have all the specs on older yamahas. Not a hard job if you can handle 11 screws and absolute correct order of assembly.

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