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    1200 XLT top end rebuild. Are all years the same?

    I have two XLT1200's One is a 2003 and the other a 2000. Both lost compression in the center cylinder. Assuming oil lines which I'll replace. 2003 showing 120-0-115 compression. 2000 showing 120-20-120. Both have about 175 hours. The 2003 is in better condition with new mats, seat covers, impeller and liner. So getting ready to rebuild the 2003. Not sure if I should replace all three or just the one bad cylinder/piston/rings. If I do only one, can I take a good cylinder unit from the 2000? Then I'll rebuild the 2000 over the winter. Question is are they compatible? Deck heights, power valves, etc. I noticed on SBT's site they show '00-'01 and '02-'05 top ends separate and don't know why. But I've also read they're the same? Thanks

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    All the 1200’s are the same . Only the GPR’s changed with the 1300 engine.

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