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    Seadoo RX Air Intake Silencer - How to remove?

    Iím in the midst of trying to get the carbs off of my 2000 RX and am going insane with the air intake silencer. I canít for the life of me understand how this thing comes out without taking the pipe right out of the boat. Iíve read several posts saying that the pipe doesnít need to come out to get at the carbs, so whatís the secret to removing the intake silencer on an RX without touching the pipe?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Somebody may chime in with a better way, but on my 01 RX carb I pull the fresh air intake parts from near the rear seat latch area (3 10mm head bolts) and the accordian hoses, then pull the battery out to give the needed room so the airbox can come out.

    The airbox (silencer?) is fastened to the carbs with a metal latch. Undo that latch, pull the airbox off the carbs, then slide the whole airbox back towards the rear of the boat underneath the headpipe.

    You don't want to open the can of worms involved in pulling the headpipe off. You'd need the carbs out to get at all those fasteners anyhow.

    During next steps of actually removing the carbs, I've found its easier to just remove the 2 phillips head screws that hold the throttle cable bracket to the carbs instead of un-doing the nuts that hold the cable into the cable bracket. No adjustment required during reinstall.

    Be careful with that choke cable, it is no longer available from BRP.
    You'll undo 2 allen set screws (3mm I think) and the cable rod just slides out.

    Learn from my 2 sets of carb to manifold gaskets. Flex them too much during install and they will crack. And without extras you won't be going out for that test ride you were looking forward to...
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