I'm interested in adding about 4-6 extra gallons of gas capacity to my 2009 VX deluxe. I can make it from my house to the ocean and back with about 1.5 gallons of gas left. This is a little too close for my comfort. There are gas stops along the river that leads to the ocean, but I don't want to pay the riverside fill up tax and I think it would be difficult to gas up the waverunner in the water as the fill cap is very close to the water.

So I'd like to add an auxiliary gas tank. I'm planning on something stealth, in the front storage compartment. I figure a cooler can ride with me behind the seat and other small items can still fit in the front hatch alongside the aux gas tank. I've seen a few people have done these installs, but they all have the gas tank behind the seat in the back. I just really don't like the way that looks. I was also thinking about an air-box delete and a gas tank in its place, but that is VERY close to the engine, so probably not the best idea.

I'm interested in hearing other people's experience with aux gas tank setups. Is there a way to make the install seamless (I.E. just fill up from the original fill spout)? What type of venting concerns should I have? Are there custom kits available for my ski somewhere? What is the best type of gas tank that will fit in the front hatch of my ski?

Thanks for your thoughts.