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    Nicosil or Steel Sleeve in Yamaha 800 engine

    I finished my 1st restoration and enjoyed it so much I decided to do a couple more. One is an xlt800 and looking for advice on how to approach the motor rebuild. I plan to remove the motor this time, I think it will may be easier. I didn't pressure check the first one but it runs perfect. Should new seals be automatic on these or leave them be if crankcase checks OK.

    The cylinders must be repaired. I have a single score above the power valve on both cylinders. It's 3 to 5 mils deep, I can see honing marks in the rest of the cylinder. I see some companies sleeve these cylinders. Does this devalue the ski or is it not a proper repair? I'm gonna keep this one. The last one I had sleeved but it was really beat up.

    I see two companies that plate Millennium and US Chrome that do plating. Any others?

    Any advice is appreciated


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    My xl800 has sleeve, my xlt1200 is coated, I have seen no difference between the two in 5 seasons. My 800 likes 92.5 pilots jet at sealevel...Do fuel pump balancing mod (F&Q section) is a good safety mod (use 87.5 pilot for 3 psi, 80 pilot for 6 psi.)..some type of PV pin retention..

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