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    03 Sportster 4tec - advice/guidance needed

    Sorry!! Ignore this post. Found an archive thread that answers 95% of my questions. Should've searched a little more...
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeroberts37 View Post
    New to the forum, not new to motors etc. I would say I am an above average wrench. First 4tec though. Stumbled across a 03 Sportster 4tec that has sat for some time. Don't know much about the history. It does start and will idle. Good compression. I drained the coolant and had some brownish globs discharge. I've flushed with distilled water, but may need to do a couple rounds of flushing to have the coolant system cleaned. I also had a slightly milky oil change. New oil and filter installed.

    My questions or guidance needed - I have yet to water test. Only ran on hose (yes to starting with water off, then turn water on, turn water off, then boat off). With the boat sitting, and the oil change being slightly milky and "oil" in coolant, do I have a bigger problem? My thought is to validate if I have a bigger problem before moving forward or dumping money in to it.

    I did pull oil cooler and pressure test to 15psi - no bubbles while having oil cooler submerged in bucket of water. Cold the long sit have a condensation buildup in oil and somehow disrupt the coolant system?

    I also noticed that the intake hose to the air box is missing which I thought was odd. Previous owner said he purchased as a barn find and got it running and water tested and had a temp alarm while running hard. I have little confidence that he actually water tested.

    Thanks in advance!

    Probably a bad head gasket among other possible issues. I would get rid of it.

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    ready to invest a bunch of time and money into an unsupported model?

    is it stunning?

    the intake hose was off because somebody was spraying a shitloads of ether in there to get the engine cranked up

    I'd take a pass on it unless it was a gift(under $500), or spend some elbow grease polish her up real nice and make a few bucks on it, assuming she can be polished up.

    people always underestimate to cost and condition of engine repairs, but if its shiny, it gets decent money

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