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    2016 Yamaha Waverunner FX SVHO Overheat and Check Engine light


    Not sure if this is a mystery or not.

    My jetski runs perfectly and all day long as long as i keep it to 6000-6500 rpms, no issues. I can even go higher and probably run at max for long periods without issues (note to self: need to test that) if i just then spend a period of 15 or more mins and 6000 or below. However, if i run for a while at say 7000 rpm and then stop and lay still in the water (like looking at charts, checking the phone etc.) the ski throws a check engine/overheat warning after like 5 min of just staying still in the water at idle and goes to limp mode. Limp mode then lasts for say 5 min, and then goes back to normal, but the warning stays until a couple of restarts of the engine. All the time, cooling seems to work according to the pissers. Ski seems fine otherwise, and if this happens i normally just check the pissers and verify cooling, then continue my trip.

    This doesent seem normal to me, and my dealer agrees, but they seem unable to figure out the cause. However i am not sure they are experts as they mainly focus on selling these things and doing normal maintenance. They also say they called Yamaha to check with them, but not yet sure what came out of that.

    I am thinking there must be a sensor mailfunction somewher, or a setpoint that is somehow set too low, but i dont have any expertise in this area myself so not sure.

    Anyone experienced something similar with the same ski 2016-?


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    Sensors can go bad, sure. But 9-of-10 its typically an obstruction. Did you physical take a look at the intake screen on the jet pump body? An easy 2 bolts removes the cover to permit cleaning and inspection. Any obvious kinks in the coolant hose routing? Is your coolant system bone-stock or mod’ed?

    There are 3 temp sensors :
    thermo sensor - Detects the temperature of the exhaust cooling water.
    thermo switch - Detects overheat
    engine temp sensor - Detects the temperature of the cylinder block

    So, have you recalled the number code via the dash cluster at the time of error?
    There’s also a log within the ECU, has run-hours and codes of past thrown errors. But to read that log, you’ll need diag session (YDS 1.33 or Candoo diags for consumer / or your Dealer has YDS 2.0).

    Once you know which sensor, there are prescribed methods (ohm meter & boil water on the stove) to test/confirm the operating ranges. If the culprit senor tests good, then you’re on the hunt for an obstruction.

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