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    covi19 lockdown - build time RXTX 2010 ET 137/4 -

    hey guys - locked down in Melbourne Australia so time to give my ski some tweaks whilst not much is happening

    Proposed set up - no doubt its been done a few times - i thought a few could chime in :- wondering what to expect when I'm done - realistic numbers rather RIVA claimed numbers....

    Seadoo 2010 RXTX
    Engine built 10 hours ago - stock other than light weight retainers and ARP Flywheel bolts
    Charger built 10 hours ago -

    Have already in stock awaiting fitting / and or delivery .. .

    Vtech tune 8650 tune
    vt1100 injectors
    et 137/4 wheel
    flame arrestor delete
    4 inch air
    Manifold girdle
    Prop - yet to determined - best prop for set up - suggestions and tips welcome

    Wondering what sorts of numbers i ll see on this set up - obviously conditions will influence - after ball park numbers - i m hoping to see 80 mph - am i being realistic ???

    Currently have a 2019 tx300 - any idea on comparisons...

    thanks ....

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    Yes you will get there. Change out the stock 87mm nozzle for a 2012+ 83 mm nozzle and you gain 2-3 mph depending on conditions. The 87mm nozzle is the best option for hole shot and acceleration but slower on top.

    Another option is to take a 83mm nozzle and have a machine shop mill it open to an 85mm opening. I have had my custom 85mm nozzle on for many years and feel it is a good compromise. Yes I have all 3 nozzles, 83, 85, and 87mm.

    I have 2 pumps, 1 with the stock 159 mm wear ring & 15/22 and another with a 161 mm wear ring and custom 15/26. Note this is a Turbo setup. Lots of options and combinations you can experiment with impellers, wear ring, nozzles.

    If you are going to ever rev it beyond 8650 rpm you need the light weight valves and springs. A Supertech kit will do all that for you.

    What intake grate are you using? R&D worked the best on the 2010 TX S3 hull.

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