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    Remove the nose cone and buy a spline tool for the impeller

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    Found my problem I believe.
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    Yeah thats not good, pull the drive shaft and start the ski

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    I believe I found the problem. How do I get the impeller off?
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    What do you mean?

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    With a spline tool and a vice

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    That’s what I thought. Time to head to the tool shop for a spline tool. Are there certain sizes? What size do I need?

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    Also is there rebuild kit for the impeller bearing?

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    You mean the pump? Yes check wsm website

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    This is how I run a jetski shop in the desert nmpeter's Avatar
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    couple of things:

    your not going to have an easy time of this

    you need:

    a really good ( and I mean good ) bench vise solidly mounted

    good breaker bar and likely a cheater bar

    high quality 1/2 drive socket for your spline tool

    propane torch

    lots and lots of luck

    to replace the bearings

    shop press

    more luck

    I'd suggest going with the OEM bearings and seals for a couple of bucks more then the WSM stuff

    remember to always pull on the breaker bar and keep in mind that many a vise have been broken trying to get props off. cheap ones won't do the job ( maybe once)

    I'd rate the job as requiring at least a 7 skill level out of ten

    the pumps usually go from 50-100 hours before needing bearings. run it on the hose too much?..I've seen them blow to bits with only 40 hours on them from that.

    the prop will need a refurbish if the edges have been flattened from grinding on the wear ring.

    at least you were able to get the pump off without help, that's kinda rare these days.

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