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    Make my own display- virage

    My virage display got wet inside and is not coming fully back. I dried it out and most of the screen is back but it is not reading the rpm signal so it won't wake up when you start engine , and it will go sleep if you don't push a display button every 5 minutes while riding. I checked the yellow wire at the display and I'm getting dc voltage when off and ac voltage running so I'm pretty sure it's the mfi not functioning. I may cut it open to investigate but I was wondering if anyone has just made up their own display. I'm thinking a plate with a 2" fuel gage 33-240ohms and an overheat light.
    My question is if I connect a12v "dash" light to the tan wire and ground, will it flash with an over heat.
    Was also wondering if any marine pitot speedometer would function with the speedo tube.
    Any body done this before? Thx
    Also, 2002 virage 700 carb

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    You can use a standard marine fuel gauge (33 ohm to 240 ohm sender resistance range), BUT the fuel gauge you use must limit the voltage going to the actual fuel sender unit to only a couple of volts and very limited milliamperes current. Why? To eliminate any possibility of sparking inside the fuel tank if the sender should short circuit in some manner.

    This is a carburetor engine, correct? You can use an LED dash lamp (not an incandescent lamp) as a warning indicator. If you want it to flash rather than just illuminate then choose an LED lamp that always flashes.

    I am not familiar with how generic marine pitot speed gauges are calibrated to match pressure levels with speed readings. Presumably it would ‘work’ but I have no idea how accurate it might be, once calibrated.

    There may be such a thing as a self-contained digital speed display that uses GPS to measure speed. It would just need 12 volt power.
    Pricing may not be inexpensive.

    BTW, the digital dash from MSX 140 will also work with the electrical signals on Virage and other Polaris models. The only aspect that will not work would be the speedometer as MSX models use a paddle wheel signal rather than pitot. There is an aftermarket GPS speed sensor that works with the MSX digital dash, but that adds some more cost.

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    I have a used MFD I can offer to you, which in the long run, will likely prove to be more cost effective, would not be making a Frankenstein, and will preserve resale value. PM me if you're interested

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