Hey guys,

I have a 18í Yamaha Ex Sport with the TR-1. I bought the riva tuner under the impression I could get more speed with just doing a tune. Forgive my ignorance, but I did the bone stock tune which opens it up from 7300 max RPM to 8300 max rpm. I did the tune and ran it, still only got 7300 max rpm while in the water but did hit 8300 max rpm when the ski left the water from wake. I called RIVA and they said I need the solas impeller to get the 8300rpm IN the water. Has anyone else experienced this or can relate? Iím sure the RIVA tech is 100 percent correct, just didnít think the stock impeller sucked that bad lol. I do have the free flow exhaust but I know that isnít gonna do much. Thanks! Gonna order the impeller next pay day just want to hit that 56mph lol.