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    Upgrade Recommendations for 95 Raider

    Looking for some advice/recommendations on what would be some good, easy upgrades to install on a 95 Wave Raider Deluxe 700?
    Just put my new engine into the machine and would like to get the most out of this ski.

    Better air filter?
    New Steer tube?

    Looking for your thoughts!

    Thanks in advance

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    The 701 raider gets no love on this forum that I've seen.
    It doesn't have an air filter per se, just a screen. Filter pods won't do anything.

    Some posts have said cut the bars from the water intake but then whats the point of the intake being there at all? Its just a perimeter fence at that point.
    Some posts have said cut rideplate flush for more top speed.

    That's the extent of easy stuff I've read about. Otherwise its standard stuff: increase compression. Add a pipe. New impeller. Port the cylinder. Big bore the cylinder. Get bigger carbs. Advance stator timing.

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    Great info! Thanks!
    I’ve got the motor back together, now just need to figure out where the fuel lines and cooling hoses connect!

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    I had one of those skis. Sometimes I wish I still had it. It was a fun ski! It also required a bit more balance and control than todays skis. I'm not sure if you'd want it to go much faster. you'll hit the water A LOT harder! Mine threw everyone off that ever road it. Boy......I wish I had some video's of a few of them!!

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