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    What's the best year to get for a FX HO? 2015-2018?

    I've made up my mind that I want a non-super charged FX HO series as my next pwc. I want RIDE and I'm not a fan of the newer electronic dashboard that debuted in 2019 so that gives me 4 years to choose from (2015-2018 model years) I know not much (if anything) changed in the FX design during that time-frame, but is there a model year to stay away from between 2015-2018? Did Yamaha make any change during that time that makes 1 model year better than the others? I love the blue/black deck/hull & electric lime green graphic color combo of the 2015, that scheme just pops on the water!

    ANY feedback is welcomed!

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    The timing chain design was upgraded for the SVHO engine for the 2016 model year. I presume that change also happened for the 1.8 liter HO engine.

    There was an oil cooler upgrade (no more stacked plate oil cooler, which tended to develop leaks) for 2017 model year on SVHO. I do not know whether the same applies to the HO engine.

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    I am also considering an FX HO to accompany my GP. To piggy back off of the OP, does the 15-18 FX have the bow spray issues the 19+ have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank_NJ View Post
    I am also considering an FX HO ...

    ... does the 2015-2018 FX have the bow spray issues the 2019+ FX have?
    My understanding is no, the FX Hull prior to 2019 does not.

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    that is correct, the 2012 - 2018 FX hull had no bow spray issue.

    The FXHO oil cooler changed in 2012 and it hasn't changed since the difference between the 2017 onward SVHO oil cooler and the HO oil cooler is the depth of the galleries.

    FXHO never had the stacked plate cooler which was introduced for SVHO.

    The bigger timing chain went on all 1.8 engines from 2016 onward, The crankshaft is the same on HO and SVHO engines

    2016 - 2018 FXHO should be bullet proof with the right owner.

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    Thanks guys, now to find a 16-18 FX HO over the winter!

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