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    Any MR-1 gurus?..oil leak!

    Hey Folks, I have a 2007 FXHO with 270 hrs. Yesterday after a ride it leaked oil and combined with some water was a milk shake on the bottom. if i had to guess it lost at least a half quart of oil. everything that i can see looks fine on the motor/oil tank/cooler/head/exhaust manifold/ etc. i cannot see where this oil came from. there was some oil on the filter, but i cant tell if thats where it came from as oil is everywhere else on the bottom. the filter was still tight to spec.

    this machine is well taken care of. Ridden in only fresh water. I always keep tabs on the oil level after long rides and make sure its not over filled or too low. Right now im not too sure what to do moving forward.

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    Found the oil leak.... After putting some UV dye in the oil and ran it on the hose i was able to see the oil was coming from the filter. That filter being a K&N. Leaking from the hex on the back end.....i did not know these filters are garbage. Google it! Ordered me some OEM yamaha filters. should take care of the problem.

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