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    1994 SLT 750 Bogging/Weird situation

    Hello all,

    I am in a very bizarre situation. Bought a Polaris slt 750 6 years ago as a kid who knew nothing about PWCs except how fun it was to ride one for the very first time. Never had a single issue with this thing except the mfd that went dim and then stopped working altogether.

    Fast forward to this season. Took the ski out for the first time and noticed water was getting into the hull through the beige/white rubber boot around the driveshaft where it goes through the hull. Upon inspecting, I noticed the motor was loose on the bedplate. Pulled the motor with my father (who is a 40+ year automotive technician) and tightened the engine to the bedplate and epoxied the rubber boot to the more water leak. Drove the machine around for 2 weeks, no issues.

    I drove it all of Friday (july 3rd) and again, no issues. I go to start it Saturday crank...wth? Put a test light to the battery with voltmeter and had 12.5 volts but I guess no amperage to start the motor. Weird that my battery would be fine all season and then boom, dead from one day to the next ...but whatever. It would not hold charge so I put in a new battery on Sunday...still no crank. Checked it with a voltmeter brand new battery was dead, of course. Charged it for a few hours and the machine fired right up.

    This is where it gets interesting: went out for a test run and it was bogging down and then if I slowly gave gas it picked up speed again. My father went out for a ride and said it felt like it was losing spark, except this time it died on him and would not start again...had to be towed. Would not start at all after this. Pulled the plugs and cranked with the plugs out held to the motor the spark was weak. My father took apart the electrical box and did his thing (I have no clue) and said everything seemed fine. Stumped. Left the battery on a charger overnight and when i went back yesterday (tuesday) it fired right up (very weird) and ran fine at the dock but kept bogging when i took it out past half throttle. Runs fine at idle and starts no problem now, but keeps bogging down when I give more than half throttle. Anyone ever come across a similar issue? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Carbs were cleaned 2 seasons ago, no triple outlet fuel pump (yet) but how can it be that all of this is happening one after the other?? NEVER had any engine running issues. My loose engine and small water leak have absolutely nothing to do with a random dead battery and now a bogging issue. All within a few days from eachother. I'm getting really frustrated. Sorry for the long essay you just read.

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    Make sure to bookmark this link, and share it with your Dad too. Lots of useful info

    The blue Fuji engine models use the rear engine bed plate as electrical connection for the battery negative cable. If the engine mounting bolts underneath loosen or corrode that can mess up the engine ground to the battery. Sometimes it helps to relocate the battery negative cable to one of the manifold studs for the PTO intake manifold.

    With these older watercraft, it is recommended to go though the machine from end to end. Your SLT750 machine is about twenty five years old, which is plenty of time for things to corrode, wear out, and just generally need service, updates, and sometimes replacement parts.

    Do not assume there is only one thing wrong, or even two or three things.

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    Cool, thanks for the useful info! I saw that page very recently and was planning on doing everything mentioned during the winter but i guess winter came early this year lol.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Not saying it's your problem, but sometimes when the magneto is failing it gets warm and gets weak. Might be time for a new one.

    Have you tried cutting the spark plug wires back 1/4" to expose fresh wire yet?

    When it starts to bog check your plugs and make sure you are getting fuel. Elec and fuel problems can have similar symptoms.

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    I bought a Battery once had to add the distilled water, took it back, bought the gel type (if I remember correctly) what battery did ya buy? Had same kind of issues with a cracked fuel line easy fix. Have the new battery tested, I replaced my carbs when all I needed was a good battery.

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    Well guys thanks for the input but the issue is resolved. I feel like kind of an idiot but since my mfd wasn't working i couldn't really know that the light would be flashing red and indicating low fuel. I remember reading somewhere on here that when that happens the cdi cuts power to the engine???? Anyway i took the ski out today and it did the same thing so i put the fuel selector on reserve and BOOM, problem solved. Went back to shore and filled her up and rode all day today. Funny how there was gas in the tank (about 1/8 full) and the machine wouldn't run right. Guess ya learn something new every day. Thanks again

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    MFD doesn't have limp mode on the 750.

    What you were experiencing was running out of gas. ):

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