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    2014 310LX Engine Bogging Issues

    Had some issues with bogging at WOT. The ski will only reach 7100 rpm and 62mph and intermittently bog down like a governor is stopping it. Sometimes it kicks down to 5500 rpm and then jumps back up to 7100, but no more. Sometimes it will bog down out of the hole then jump right up. I replaced the battery and plugs but that did not help. I am new to jet skiing although I have been boating for almost 20 years. My thoughts from reading the forum are:

    1. Belt issue. Not sure how to check that?
    2. Fuel delivery issue - Fuel pump or fuel filter.
    3. Air Box Issue - Not sure how to check that?
    4. Fuel injector issue - Clean or replace?

    Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    What are your boost levels? Have you inspected your jet pump? Without more info itís tough to say but there are many possibilities. For the belt, start with a visual inspection. Make sure it is fully intact with good tension, not fraying or wearing down.

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    The earlier 2014 can have a 7100 limit, but it should go to 8000 rpm then throttle down to 7100-7200.
    Your 5500 rpm is most likely no governor, rather something wrong with the Ski itself.

    Make sure your intercooler is not leaking and it's not ingesting water. Check the fuel pressure.

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    Thanks. I will check it out.

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