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    12' RXP-X - IBR not functioning - FIXED

    Hoping this helps other users in diagnosing IBR issues.

    PWC: 2012 SeaDoo RXP-X

    Symptoms: IBR not functioning, cannot go into F, Can go into N and R (transition between N & R at least 15 seconds, IBR Gate slowly moves towards N or R position), F position unobtainable. Sometimes displays IBR light on dash, sometimes doesn't, fault codes below.

    Fixed the issue, was a low battery issue. My diagnostics path went like this:

    I checked IBR overide to see if that was functioning, it was functioning then clearly it's not an actuator issue so it's going to be on the controller side. Did some forum reading and turns out that IBR is very finicky with voltage/amps. So i checked the fuses with a test light, all good. Battery terminal was decent, no major corrosion, minor corrosion. Attached a booster cables between two skis (they are on a double trailer), still no change. Before i started ripping out the trim and checking IBR terminals (damn is it hard to reach back there without taking off the seat retaining post and trim), I decided to attach my known working battery charger. Reads 25% no indicator for anything less, ok so battery charge is super low. Changed it to direct power and started the pwc and checked again, IBR now fully operational. F, N, R all working, no fault codes, no lights.

    Conclusion: Low battery charge.

    Fix: Charge battery with battery charger.

    Fault Codes:


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