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    2002 xlt1200 will not start unless I remove front sparkplug

    I bought this 2002 XLT1200 ski from a neighbor who had recently had the top end rebuilt and the carbs rebuilt. The ski had sat 2 years when I got it but I went to the lake and after som coaxing it started and ran good for the weekend. Next time I took it out it wouldn’t start. I dumped a little fuel in the plug holes and it fired up and ran good for that ride. Later that day it wouldn’t start again. I ordered a primer kit and carb rebuild kits. I just finished installing everything, i could see fuel being pumped to the carbs. The ski acts like it wants to start but it won’t. I replace the new plugs with another set, regapped, wouldnt start. I pulled the Plugs, put some fuel in the plug holes and it wont start. I removed the front plug to check spark And the ski fired up. I put the plug in and reconnected the plug wire and the ski wont start. I felt the cylinders and only the center one feels warm. I am stumped. Only thing I can think is only the center cylinder is working but with the compression of the other 2 cylinders holding it back it can’t start with the plugs in? Help!
    Anyone wanna buy a ski? Lol

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    Have you tried a compression test on the cylinders? 2 strokes are pretty simple. Fuel, spark, and some compression. You should be able to pick up a compressor for cheap at any auto store.

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